Sunday, January 21, 2007

Ahhh Pain!!

So I've been trying to get myself over this flu the last few days. I was able to go out for a night XC ski with the brother last night and felt good. So this morning I went for a planned trainer/roller ride and whenever I tried to pick up the pace I would get a caughing fit. So I had to settle for shoveling the driveway as a workout. Then the day got worse. Dave and I went skiing over at Seven Oaks tonight and things were going well until I was off the groomed trail and clipped a rock or branch under the snow and went down. I jammed my thumb real hard and as of now can not move it at all. Oh well, on a better note, Dave and I burried our roomates car this morning and I found a great commerical that makes me laugh.

We got a little shovel happy

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