Saturday, December 16, 2006

Gravel Fun

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Gravel grinder today with the Brother to take advantage of the 50+ degree weather. It was cloudy and dull, but still warm. We took off at about 2:00 into a slight headwind heading West to Ledges State Park. Got there a little cold but feeling great. We then headed out along the Des Moines river on some steep and winding gravel for an hour or so and then stoped in Boone for a pit stop at the wonderful Golden Arches. No long ride is complete until you hit up the dollar menu. We headed out of Boone as the sun set and headed back through Ledges and back home in the dark. I was actually warmer on the way home in the dark than on the way there...wierd. Ride stats were a distance of 45 miles with an average speed of about 13 making for a ride time of 3:30. Great ride for the middle of December. Now it's time for some great Tony's Pizza and a movie!!!